Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an awesome way to promote your links!

Do you have a FB group that you own? Most people don’t but once you do, get people to join it!



Many groups that get lots of traffic are ones with kooky titles.          Like “Offensive Memes-Adults Only!”. Depending on what you are selling you probably want to kinda stick with that subject.

Like if you are selling baby clothes you might want to start one called “Mama’s Best Recipes-For Busy Moms!”. Then of course you have the targeted audience that you need to get traffic to your website. Encourage other mothers to join your group or add people from you personal Facebook.

Pretty soon things go wild and you are virtually getting traffic so easily. And targeted traffic too! And have as many FB groups as you want to!

Just be careful, don’t set up different FB accounts with your face and different name, FB just knows and they will ban you and call you out on it!

You Have to Do This, or Your Website will Die!

What is the most important thing you can do to keep your website up and getting cheap or free traffic from the search engines?

1. Update your website frequently.

If you like your main page and refuse to change it, add a link somewhere on the page to a related blog where you can post news every few days.  Even if it is boring news, it is fresh content.  Google your subject, find some news and put it in your own words. Better yet outsource it, or give your kids a paragraph to “unscramble” and reword for you if it bores you to death.

Social Media of Course!

get free traffic with push of button Social media is one of the best ways to get your advertising done. Get an account in your website’s name and post only things relevant to your website on it. Don’t put any personal things on there,  just advertising,  pictures of your product, specials, etc. Post once or twice a day.  There are many apps for smartphones that are free that allow you to put all of your ads in your social media accounts and then also send them out at times you request later on. Super easy.  One of the best ones is called Buffer. Check it out.

Page Rank Ain’t What it Used to Be!

If you have been around awhile as a marketer on the internet and create webpages in particular, than you probably realize that page rank isn’t what it used to be.  In fact, it is rather obsolete and now even Google doesn’t use it in it’s own search engine algorithym.  Nobody will ever know how Google actually ranks websites on it’s first page listing. But just because you have a 2 or 3 page rank means nothing these days. Obviously if you have zero page rank than you have a lot of advertising to do to get yourself noticed. In case you just fell off the turnip truck yesterday, just because you build a webpage does not mean it will get visitors. Doesn’t even matter if you hit the search engines for a little while because if you don’t have visitors from all over than most likely you will get dropped out of the Google pages. You need content that is fresh and updated frequently without using a lot of spamming keywords, you will be seen for what you are if you do that.

Just logging in to your blog and updating it once or twice a week with some new content a lot of times will give you a leg up naturally. Why? Because after you post a blog post and if you are using wordpress or the likes, you will automatically ping the search engines to come check out what you posted when you log out. No more manually pinging, unless of course it makes you feel better.

Check out http://www.say-huh.com to see how updating frequently can really make your site have pages and pages of content.

More Hints for Cheap or Free Traffic

Try a couple of link exchange sites.  Email website owners and flat out ask if they would like to do a link exchange. A lot of people would gladly do it as long as they know you are going to keep their link up as long as they keep yours.

Also blogs of other people can be helpful, post a nice comment about the person’s website (make sure it is genuine or it will be ignored) and put your name in the end and your website.

Cheap traffic can come from your local free magazine you might find in a beauty shop or waiting room. A lot of cities have a tidbits type magazine that is free to take. Look and see if they have a classified area. Or if they are a free magazine maybe they won’t even charge you (of course chances are they probably will though). Make sure you come up with a catchy ad, most advertisement spots are going to be less than probably two sentences. You can always capitalize your website’s name to make it stand out if necessary like this ….http://www.GlitterMonogram.com   The capitalization doesn’t skew the url in any way.

If you sell on Etsy or Ebay be sure to include a link to all of your websites in your signature. People are often curious about what other websites you may have or are intrigued by the name of your other websites and click right out of your thank you email to your new page.  Easy and cheap traffic!

Also if you sell physical products on other sites ask if the buyer would like to sign up for a free notification of your upcoming sales (basically a newsletter). Then of course have a newsletter in place that is automatic and send out emails to them when you say. So many out there. Some are free but most are not. or you can keep a manual list somewhere and just mass email everyone at the same time and put an opt-out at the bottom of the email.


Get Free FaceBook Traffic

Get TONS of Free Traffic from Facebook

it’s easy. Use Facebook Groups.

“A Facebook Group is a community of people who shares the same interest and who promotes, shares and discuss relevant topics based around a real-life interest.”

This means that if a facebook group is about “dogs”, then most if not all the members of this group share the same interest and that is, that they are all interested in dogs.

So, based on the definition above, you will see that it’s easy to know what is the common interest of the members of a specific facebook group.

Facebook has thousands upon thousands of groups. Most facebook account holders are a part of at least one group or another. When you become a member of a certain facebook group, you are now allowed to post your message on the group’s wall for all the other members to read.

Now let’s apply this knowledge to our marketing plans.

The technique that I’m going to share with you is for you to join as many groups as you can that share the same interest in the product, program or service you are promoting.

Let’s say you are promoting a certain type of “dog food”. Then join as many facebook groups that share an interest about dogs. And there are literally hundreds of facebook groups created for this interest alone. By doing so, you are now laser-targeting people who are interested in what you are promoting.

It’s just common sense. You don’t promote dog food to a group of people who are mostly interested in guns!, right?

And that’s the beauty with facebook groups! You will know immediately what product to promote because you already know what their interests are. Just from their group’s name alone you will already know what they are interested about.

Now back to the technique that I’m doing. This is how I did it.

First, I created 5 facebook accounts. I made sure that the names and especially the photos in there reflect a certain type of interest.

Second, I list down the keywords that I will use to find the groups whom I’m sure will be interested in what I will offer.

Since I have 5 facebook accounts, I will limit the keywords that I will list down to only 5 that I think are the most relevant. And since I’m promoting a certain type of networking program, here’s the list of keywords that I came up with.

  • earn money
  • online income
  • mlm
  • network marketing
  • home based business

I then assigned the keywords to each of my 5 facebook accounts. Like this:

Account #1 – earn money
Account #2 – online income
Account #3 – mlm
Account #4 – network marketing
Account #5 – home based business

Then from each facebook account, I searched facebook for groups to join using the particular keyword assigned to the account.

I made sure that I join at least 90-100 groups for each account related to the keyword assigned to it. This means that, if the average number of members that each group contains is 2,000 members, then I’m now potentially targeting 200,000 people for my promotion.

I do the same with my other 4 facebook accounts.

This means that if each of my facebook account has joined 100 groups each with an average number of 2,000 members each, therefore, I now have 1,000,000 potential target audiences for my advertising campaign, right?

Now, that’s FREE advertising to millions without spending a single dime! Right?

It just takes a little time and effort on your part, but once you’ve established everything, then it’s like picking apples from there on!

Think of it this way. This is like placing an ad in a newspaper with 1 million+ readers, only that you are not paying a single cent for the ad.

And, you can do it every single day!

Imagine advertising to a million people every day?!

How much would you be earning? I’ll leave it up to You to do the math!

With this technique, I’m raking in hundreds of dollars a week.

You too can!

You’ll just have to use your imagination in implementing the technique I imparted to you now!

You can use this technique in any kind of product, program or service you are trying to promote!