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You Have to Do This, or Your Website will Die!

What is the most important thing you can do to keep your website up and getting cheap or free traffic from the search engines?

1. Update your website frequently.

If you like your main page and refuse to change it, add a link somewhere on the page to a related blog where you can post news every few days.  Even if it is boring news, it is fresh content.  Google your subject, find some news and put it in your own words. Better yet outsource it, or give your kids a paragraph to “unscramble” and reword for you if it bores you to death.

More Hints for Cheap or Free Traffic

Try a couple of link exchange sites.  Email website owners and flat out ask if they would like to do a link exchange. A lot of people would gladly do it as long as they know you are going to keep their link up as long as they keep yours.

Also blogs of other people can be helpful, post a nice comment about the person’s website (make sure it is genuine or it will be ignored) and put your name in the end and your website.

Cheap traffic can come from your local free magazine you might find in a beauty shop or waiting room. A lot of cities have a tidbits type magazine that is free to take. Look and see if they have a classified area. Or if they are a free magazine maybe they won’t even charge you (of course chances are they probably will though). Make sure you come up with a catchy ad, most advertisement spots are going to be less than probably two sentences. You can always capitalize your website’s name to make it stand out if necessary like this ….   The capitalization doesn’t skew the url in any way.

If you sell on Etsy or Ebay be sure to include a link to all of your websites in your signature. People are often curious about what other websites you may have or are intrigued by the name of your other websites and click right out of your thank you email to your new page.  Easy and cheap traffic!

Also if you sell physical products on other sites ask if the buyer would like to sign up for a free notification of your upcoming sales (basically a newsletter). Then of course have a newsletter in place that is automatic and send out emails to them when you say. So many out there. Some are free but most are not. or you can keep a manual list somewhere and just mass email everyone at the same time and put an opt-out at the bottom of the email.



Whilst some internet consumers plan to market their links through their own linking, It can sometimes be more beneficial  to outsource the daunting task of going to each page to sign up. Or have a fiverr genius come up with a few awesome key words, or keyword phrases and sentences.