Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an awesome way to promote your links!

Do you have a FB group that you own? Most people don’t but once you do, get people to join it!



Many groups that get lots of traffic are ones with kooky titles.          Like “Offensive Memes-Adults Only!”. Depending on what you are selling you probably want to kinda stick with that subject.

Like if you are selling baby clothes you might want to start one called “Mama’s Best Recipes-For Busy Moms!”. Then of course you have the targeted audience that you need to get traffic to your website. Encourage other mothers to join your group or add people from you personal Facebook.

Pretty soon things go wild and you are virtually getting traffic so easily. And targeted traffic too! And have as many FB groups as you want to!

Just be careful, don’t set up different FB accounts with your face and different name, FB just knows and they will ban you and call you out on it!