Cheap or Free Traffic is What Your Site Needs

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If you are a business owner, affiliate marketer, blogger, or internet business then you need cheap or free web traffic coming to your website daily!

The Three Most Important Things to Remember to get Free or Cheap Web Traffic:

  1. Getting free website traffic must always be a work in progress, and it should be increased and improved upon every day.
  2. Having the right kind of traffic is vitally important. Don’t just get page views and hope you get a sale. Target people who would be interested in your site and what it offers.
  3. You need traffic that is free or cheap and budget friendly. Social media is the best way.

How many wonderful sites merely die out because they have no traffic? Millions of people try their hand at creating online businesses or affiliate websites each year without fulfilling the necessary evil part: getting the traffic….

Getting affordable cheap traffic to your website can be very time consuming. It is actually best if you could have one person on your team whose only job it is to focus on this daily. 

Nowadays you can easily outsource virtually anything to a virtual assistant to do for you. Sites like Fiverr have plenty of people who want to work and they will do it for cheap! If you let Fiverr create and implement your campaigns, you can get you decent traffic for only $5.

If you are a one person show, and can’t afford any money for advertising no matter how cheap, then pick a time of day to focus solely on advertising, and use automated software. There are many different automated software programs that help with social media advertising. If you were to add all of your posts one by one to each site you would get burned out quickly. The automated process lets you bulk set and forget. Our favorites are Tailwind and Postcron. More automated social media platforms are discussed in this blog.

  If you do not promote your site, or update it often, you will just drop out of the search engines and wonder what went wrong. The internet is ever changing and you must remember that. Check your stats to see how your traffic is going daily. It will give you great insight into where your traffic is coming from and what you need to focus more on.

Really if you just follow this diagram to get your social media campaigns going, your will be on your way to getting free or cheap traffic. If you can’t spend time playing online and posting left and right to social media accounts, you can use an auto posting service like Tailwind to help you specifically create a booming Pinterest presence.

Other auto posters that work pretty well are PostCron and Crowdfire. ALl are free to start with and allow multiple accounts. Start there and once you see traffic to your website, you will feel inspired and you’ll know how powerful autoposter to can be. You may want to keep up with their service when the free trial runs. They are only about $15 a month and very powerful to get social media traffic to your website!