Easy Apps to Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You on Social Media

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Followers Track

With Followers Track for Instagram you can see who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, who you aren’t following back, optimize your posts to get more followers, and much more! Only IOS.

Followers Tool

Followers Tool for Instagram is a tool which you can use that has features such as bulk follow and unfollow Instagram profiles, and block/unblock profiles. Android.

To get the most out of your social media accounts it is imperative that you know who is following you.

The reason why is because if you are following someone and they are not following you back, then they have no interaction with you. Not only will they not know you exist, but they will never know the website you are promoting.

It also makes your numbers look bad if you are following 12,000 people and only 1,00 are following you. It looks pitiful because it looks like you befriended people, but the people in response couldn’t give two craps about you. So they didn’t bother to follow back. That’s not a good look, so make those non followers disappear.

Unfollowing also helps you answer the question of How do I get Instagram Followers?

To get Instagram followers just type in a keyword that is relevant to your site, and find people who need your product or might be interested in it.

Then simply follow them. Wait a little while (a couple of days) and see if they follow you. If they don’t follow you back then drop them off your following list. Then rinse, wash, repeat the same thing as often as possible.

Twitter Apps to Unfollow People

Twitterrific is a Twitter client designed for the Mac OS X and iOS platforms.  It is designed by Iconfactory, and allows users to follow tweets in real time, and to post their in depth twitter experience.

TweetCaster in a Twitter app that helps you manage and post tweets from multiple accounts. It offers many more features than the official app, like themes, and widgets.

Unfollow for Twitter. Track everything related to users following you on Twitter with this app: you will be able to see those users that don’t follow you, recent unfollowers and followers and many other tools.