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This technique to get lots of free traffic to your website is the easiest but most time consuming. If it’s time consuming you may think it’s not worth it, but it can be the next easiest thing than a social media auto poster platform.

A social media auto poster is a website that will automatically post your preselected stories, articles and information that you want to get traffic to. They will auto login to the main social media sites and send your message at a specific time. These websites are not free though, and that is what we want, free traffic! So I decided to create my own auto posting program. It will be simple, free, and probably not as hard as anyone thinks. See the icons (social media buttons) that are on your site now that you are using the Super Socalizer Plugin?

All you need is an account with each social media site, so set one up. Once they are set up go to a different web browser to open them up. If you normally use Google Chrome or Mozilla then open up Internet Explorer etc. Once you have all of your tabs set up like this

Make sure you are logged in to social media site. Go to your browser (in this case Internet Explorer because it is my alternate browser) and type in your webpage. From your webpage just push each social media icon to have your information shared! It will auto populate into your message.

This method at least saves you the trouble of manually entering your messages into social media on a PC. It’s equivalent to those three dots at the top of an android phone that asks you where you want to share your webpage.

The reason you need a different browser is so that you can leave it open and go through all of your website pages. Then whenever you want free traffic go to that alternate browser and push the social media buttons for quick and easy posting to multiple platforms all in a few minutes!

A lot of people use cookies in their browser so even if you exit out of the social media platform pages, the buttons will still work. That way you can free up some memory for your computer and not have too many pages open at all times.

Social media platforms allow you to have more than one account. So if you have multiple websites then create social sites for each and use this method by simply switching accounts in the browser.

Use every social media button on your website or blog every single time you post something. You will see traffic in no time.

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