You Have to Do This, or Your Website will Die!

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What is the most important thing you can do to keep your website up and getting cheap or free traffic from the search engines?

Update your website frequently. Period. End of story.

Have you ever heard of the old saying that in technology if you are not constantly updating then you are slowly dying? That means keeping everything on your website updated, clean and easy to understand, as well as easy to view.

If you like you are too attached to your main page and refuse to change it, at least add different widgets to keep your website updated. Different news or blog posts, some data feeds for your social media. Anything that shows the current date, time and news. is an awesome place to increase your social media traffic with only a few clicks. Organize and prearrange posts for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Choose the time you want to post or make it random over a period of days. An awesome feature of Tailwind is that you can post to extra Pinterest boards for each pin. That helps you reach a much bigger audience quicker. Also you can join up with a ‘tribe’ and have like minded people viewing your pins for extra traffic. Create all your own pins pointing to your website and send them all too your tribes!

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