This One Plugin is So Important For FREE Traffic

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This socially viral plugin for WordPress is easy to set up and powerful to use. This plugin is free and is so important because it saves time and effort from manually typing and uploading to each social media platform. It literally gives you and your readers a simple click button way to share your website with others through social media.

Obviously that is what you want because more views means more clicks, It ultimately means more people will be naturally crawling around your site with curious eyes.
To get this free plugin just log in to your WordPress blog. Go down to the section that says plugins. Click ‘add new’. Search for ‘Social Media’ in the search query. In the top of your search results should appear this plugin called Social Media Share Buttons and Social Sharing Icons (or better known as Ultimate Social Media Icons).

Click Install Now. Then after it installs, click activate. On your wordpress admin board you should see Ultimate Social Media Icons populate into your dashboard. Click on it to open the setting. The first drop down wants to know which icons you will be using. Uncheck the ones you don’t want and hit save. More is not necessarily better.
Then go to number 2-What do you want your icons to do? The easiest way to use this is to skip putting in your Facebook page address, or twitter address, etc. Uncheck the Like button. On all of them just check the Share my Blog section. For traffic reasons you want people to just be able to share your website with a simple button click. Later once these buttons get used frequently for sharing, you can always add your website to get likes. But if you have a newly started Twitter account or Facebook page and it is bare or has no friends or likes it tends to make you look not important. So build up those pages up naturally before you add page links. 

The widget section will now have a widget you can place anywhere on your sidebar or foot bar. Simply fill out the Ultimate Social Media Icons widget box and move it in the sidebar where you want it to show up. Pick your icon style to display buttons. You can also make the buttons move as the viewer scrolls down your page. Sometimes though, that can seem annoying and desperate and is not for everyone.

On the third drop down selection you want to click ‘show buttons at the end of every post’. These icons will enable a reader the option of sharing your post with their friends every time they are done reading your post. If you have a lot of readers you could potentially double or triple your website traffic. The fact that it appears at the end of your posts and not lost in a sidebar or at the top or bottom of your site helps enormously with increase in social media traffic.

The reason why you need these for traffic is simple. When you are done with a post, simply go to your website and click each social media button. Use your established social media accounts to share your website pages. Let others share with your buttons, but most importantly use them yourself to flood social media with a backlink to your website. This is a Google friendly way to get search engines to crawl your site frequently. So you are blasting your website to mulitple social media sites with just a few clicks. No expensive software needed.

Lastly there is a section that asks if you want a pop up to ask your viewers to subscribe to your social media channels. Some people don’t like being told what to like, so this may or may not be helpful for some sites. It may be more helpful to just leave the icons naturally at the end of the post because they are small and less demanding.

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