Easy Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is the easiest way to get people to look at your blog and get traffic to your site. The easiest way to get going on social media is to post with a hashtag. The difference in using them and not using them is huge. Top hashtags can bring tons of people to your social media posts.

Automated posting programs can help you get cheap traffic to your site. The top 2 automated software programs are Tailwind (focuses mostly on Pinterest) and Postcron (can post to all sites). These two are roughly $15 a month if you choose to continue on after your trial ends.

Tailwind will let you post 100 pins before the free trial runs out. Postcron will give you one month no strings attached trial.

We like both of these because they get the job done and they are free to start. Think of how much exposure you can get with a free account. It is a good jumping off starting point when you first look to get traffic.

Important point to note:

When you start auto posting on Tailwind DON’T make the mistake of repinning and reposting other people’s pins. Only use your own created pins that link to your website.

That way you get people who pin your pins to potentially view your website, not other people’s. Then when they share your pin, it continues to get shared and there are even more views of your website. Tailwind can help you really grow with it’s Tribes feature. Other members of your tribe with like interests will repin your pin, so make it count. Make it be pointing to your website!

Another tip for Pinterest is upgrade your account to business. Just go to the right hand corner once you have logged in and click on upgrade to business. It is free, no fees at all. What it does is show analytics for all of your boards, your pins, and how many views per month or day. You need this so that you can see if your traffic increases and what gets clicks and what doesn’t.

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