2 More Plugins That Are Top Notch For Getting Social Media Traffic

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Plugins can be annoyingly difficult and simple at the same time. Often times when you install a plugin you really aren’t sure what you are getting. The screenshot of what the plugin does is not usually very helpful because you only see one thing it can do. There is also a bit of a confusing factor as all plugins appear after download in the side dashboard, in the widgets section, or at the top of your WordPress site. It can be confusing where to go to change settings, or if you are working with a shortcode or a true widget.

To make the confusion much less, we have added a few pictures to help you download these plugins. The first one is called AccessPress, and the second is called Feed Them Social.

Go to the plugins section on the left hand side of the screen. Click add new. Search for AccessPress. Search for Pinterest in the search bar. It will be the third plugin. Click install. Then wait for it to install, then click activate.

The button you want to access to start with is on the bottom left of your dashboard. This is where you should go first. Choose where you want the pin over pics (button) to appear-which pages. Then make your button large and your size a rectangle. If you have another way your ‘pin it’ button displays, you can disable it here. The best part is yet to come…

The best part comes next. This plugin also comes with many widgets! Go to your widgets section and you will see widgets for the following:

Latest Pins
Follow Widget
Single Pin Image
Pinterest Profile
Pinterest Board

Just drag a widget to the sidebar or footer of your choice and add your pinterest url or name whichever it tells you.

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