How to Use Facebook Groups for Explosive Traffic

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The easiest way to get explosive Facebook traffic is by using Facebook Groups. Once you have this simple technique in mind, you just need to set out to join groups.

To get started, create 5 Facebook accounts that are basically fake profiles. Dream up who you want to be and create 5 different versions of you. Don’t use your selfie pic for each FB account because Facebook will recognize you through their facial recognition program and you could run into some issues trying to set the accounts up. Use different gmail email accounts.

After you have your accounts set up limit the keywords down to only 5 that are the most relevant. For example if you are promoting a certain type of networking program, here’s the list of keywords that you would use:

  • earn money
  • online income
  • mlm
  • network marketing
  • home based business

Then assign the keywords to each of the 5 facebook accounts. Like this:

Account #1 – earn money
Account #2 – online income
Account #3 – mlm
Account #4 – network marketing
Account #5 – home based business

Then from each facebook account, search for Facebook groups to join using the particular keyword assigned to the account.

Make sure that you join at least 100 groups for each account related to the keyword assigned to it. This means that, if the average number of members that each group contains is 2,000 members, then you are now potentially targeting 200,000 people,

90-100 may be too much to accomplish but you can see the potential of having many groups that your are a part of. Even if you cut it down to 20 groups you are still posting to tons of people when you do create a post.

Do the same with your other 5 Facebook accounts.

Just think, your free traffic from Facebook could mean this:

If each of the 5 Facebook accounts has joined 100 groups each with an average number of 2,000 members each then you now have 1,000,000 potential people viewing your website info. Most groups have much more than 2,000 members so you you may reach many more than that, or maybe less. It is hard to say what members will be on when you post, or who will actually pay attention to the post.

Now, that’s FREE advertising to millions without spending a single dime! Right?

Think of it this way. This is like placing an ad in a newspaper with 1 million+ readers, only that you are not paying a single cent for the ad.

Outsource finding the groups by getting someone on Fiverr to do it for ultra cheap! You can easily have this done for you!

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