Never Run Out of Blog Posts

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With one simple trick you will never run out of blog posts. You don’t have to spend all day trying to dream up what is going to be a popular topic for your next blog post. Most people overthink everything. If you are trying to get content for your website but feel like you have already covered all of the related topics, think again. There is one sure fire way to have a post a day regardless of if you are brain drained or not.

The answer to the question “How do I always have plenty of blog topics so I can set up additional posts to keep my website fresh?” is this:

Use Tailwind app and you can see what others are posting, and also see how popular the post is. See that little blue fire in the upper right corner? It shows how popular the pin is on social media if you click it, This pin has been pinned over 125 thousand times, therefore, it is a popular topic that people want to view.

Use your brain a little and come up with the exact same pin as it applies to your website.

Create a new blog post with the same type of information that the blog you are pinning from has. (Don’t copy and paste from their website but you sure can use a lot of the same ideas).

Get your own pictures so that everything is fresh and coming from your website.

Create your own attractive pin so that you can include your pin immediately to get traffic.

Send your pin to Tailwind to your tribes to see if they will repin it.

There you have a it a new blog post on an idea that people actually want to see. Keeps your website updated with important content that your viewers want to see, and keeps the traffic coming to your blog or website.

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