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get free traffic with push of button

Social media is one of the best ways to get your advertising done for FREE! One of the best social media plugins for WordPress websites is the Ultimate Social Media Icons. It can definitely give your website the buttons it needs to have your posts be shareable with a click. Check out our other post about this must have plugin.

On all the big social media sites, get an account in your website’s name and post only things relevant to your website on it. Don’t put any personal things on there,  just advertising,  pictures of your product, specials, etc. Post once or twice a day. 


There are many apps for smartphones that are free that allow you to put all of your ads in your social media accounts and then also send them out at times you request later on. Super easy.  One of the best ones is called Tailwind. Check it out. Pinterest is growing by leaps and bounds and this website will help you increase traffic greatly.

Another awesome free automatic way to get content to post to your social media when you are dry or low on ideas is Crowdfire. When you just want to keep your channels flowing use Crowdfire, they are certainly helpful to post twitter automatically for you. The site will pick some content for you to choose from in their news section and you can post or schedule it easily to your social media sites. 

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