This Plugin Is Far Superior For Social Media

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There exists still a far superior plugin to get social media traffic to all of your platforms. It is really a great way to get explosive traffic overnight! There are 3 main reasons this plugin is far superior than any other one out there.

  1. The plugin is free and exceedingly easy to start up. There is no configuring to worry about! There are no places to set every little social media site to your liking. You have many other options of course later if you buy their premium upgrade. All you do is download the plugin and then click activate. Then, unlike a lot of other plugins where you have no idea where it went, or where the dashboard with options is, you just go to your main left dashboard and click the icon. Look below, you will see how simple the dashboard section is.

2. You can literally download the plugin and go to the general options section and you don’t need to go any further. Just click save at the bottom and you are done. CHeck out how your page looks.
You can go to the other sections later and turn on and off the like buttons.

3. The best part about this plugin beside how very easy it is to use and set up, is the fact that it has every social media site button to reshare to (except Instagram). If you are logged in to your social media account, and share through one of the buttons, it will immediately post to that account.

You can go through your whole website and just click social media sites to send to re-share your website info. Much easier then going to each social media platform and having to edit and create each post.

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