Why Alexa Traffic Ranker Chrome Extension is a Must Have!

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The Alexa extension for Google Chrome is easy to install and a must have for your website. It provides free and up to the minute ranking status of your website. Once installed on your Chrome browser it will show you the rank of any website you go to. If a website is in the high millions, chances are it is not an updated or worthy site. Some websites get created and then go dormant for many months or years.

Once there is no fresh content, there is not much more organic traffic and it just slowly fades out. So don’t let them happen. If you check your site daily and you are doing earnest good work to your website frequently you should start climbing the ranks. Having the Alexa ranking tool really helps you want to continue your internet based endeavors. It makes you feel good and proud when your numbers are constantly improving! And it’s free, of course they have other premium features that you can purchase if you want. 

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