Page Rank Ain’t What it Used to Be!

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If you have been around awhile as a marketer on the internet and create webpages in particular, than you probably realize that page rank isn’t what it used to be.  In fact, it is rather obsolete and now even Google doesn’t use it in it’s own search engine algorithym.  

Nobody will ever fully know how Google actually ranks websites on it’s first page listing. But just because you have a 2 or 3 page rank means nothing these days. Obviously if you have zero page rank than you have a lot of advertising to do to get yourself noticed. In case you just fell off the turnip truck yesterday, just because you build a webpage does not mean it will get visitors. Doesn’t even matter if you hit the search engines for a little while because if you don’t have visitors from all over than most likely you will get dropped out of the Google pages. You need content that is fresh and updated frequently without using a lot of spamming keywords, you will be seen for what you are if you do that.

Just logging in to your blog and updating it once or twice a week with some new content a lot of times will give you a leg up naturally. Why? Because after you post a blog post and if you are using wordpress or the likes, you will automatically ping the search engines to come check out what you posted when you log out. No more manually pinging, unless of course it makes you feel better.

Check out to see how updating frequently can really make your site have pages and pages of content.

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